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The Hong Kong Conference – A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

I was running around during the conference, but knew I needed to take the time to enjoy some of the sessions as an attendee myself. During one time of worship, I had that experience of realizing just how amazing this event was. As I looked around and heard people worshiping in Chinese, led by a Chinese worship team, and surrounded by Chinese Christians from over one hundred cities, my eyes filled with tears and I felt immense joy. We were giving these leaders an opportunity to freely worship together, and to focus their minds and hearts on the gospel. Seeing their joy and their celebration was more than enough for me.

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The Throne Where God Is Sitting, Part 2 – Grace Is the Personal God

Brothers and sisters, grace is not self-centered, but it is the personal God. We see that the personal God becomes the deepest bottom line in our lives. So when my aunt encountered any persecution, she might be nervous, but nothing can take away joy. John Piper has a book named God Is the Gospel. The nature of God – his glory, righteousness, and holiness – is the gospel. And all discipline from God is also the gospel. God’s discipline of, training of us, and eventual taking of us to the renewed country, these are the grace of God. So it is the Lord who helps us to return to God, and we also know that the growth of our lives is inseparable from Jesus Christ, and inseparable from the justice and mercy of Christ.  

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The Throne Where God Is Sitting, Part 1 – The Lion and the Lamb

This is really the best and most beautiful description of Jesus Christ. He had all authority between heaven and earth, but he was totally obedient to the Lord of heaven and earth, the Father's will. He was killed to reveal that he is God's justice also God's love. His passion was considered most unworthy, but only his passion brings him real honor. The cross manifests that he is lamb and lion, and also manifests the holiness of Christ. The cross shows his greatest love for God, but also shows his greatest love for the enemy. On the cross, the enemy seems to win, the devil seems to win, and the sin seems to win, but it is the Lion who wins. He has infinite justice and infinite mercy, and he has unlimited sublimity, and infinite condescension. The Lord we know is much greater than we experience today and beyond our imagination.

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Becoming All that God Has Made Us to Be, Part 2

What is something you learned during the conference or was a new insight that you gained?

I think there is just something so powerful about hearing a testimony from someone in another context when they testify to the grace of God and the kind of scandal of the gospel. There is something about hearing someone from another context discovering that again that freshens it for me. And also kind of exhorts me to ask how have I been taking this for granted? Or how have I been missing the gospel and trying to lead in my own strength or sort of earning God’s favor? Sometimes when we hear testimonies from our own context, maybe we’re just not listening as intently, or we share too much space in ways that don’t let us hear it as fresh. I don’t know, but for me there is something that always happens for me when there are just core fundamentals of the faith that are really alive and fresh in ways that they never would be without that testimony from a different context. So that was something that just always happens and that was really alive for me. 

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Becoming All that God Has Made Us to Be, Part 1

In global outreach, our goal is to build relationships and share resources with organizations that are working to see the church flourish in their contexts. Baked into that mission statement is a commitment to having mutuality, so there is a relational component. We want to build relationships where each of us are benefitting and we’re loving each other well. And sharing resources. For sure that can involve material exchange and some financial giving, but really we want it to involve more than that, too. We think of the threefold nature of partnership. It must have a relational dimension, and an educational piece or learning of one another. So for example, learning each other’s contexts and cultures, and sometimes even if you’re working with someone who has really similar demographics, the church culture is really different. The last one is the collaborative piece - asking what are some things we think we would be better doing together? We like to think about this in both our contexts. How do we both team? What are some of the unique ways you challenge us and we challenge you? And how does this really bring God glory as we team together? 

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I Finally See How Beautiful You and Your Word Are

 I realized that whether Christ loves me or not isn’t based on how good I am in his ministry. He has already loved us fully and completely on the cross. He won’t take away his love just because I didn’t do well in the ministry. When I realized that is the gospel, I had peace. So I stopped worrying about how the church sees me, because my identity is built solely on Christ and his cross. 

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Want Righteousness and Justice in the City? Start with the Church

In the past, usually the brothers and sisters in the church, we all hate the government because we don’t really care about what is going on around us. But last month we had a members meeting, and during that meeting one third of the members had a proposal saying that we are not doing enough, that we could do more for the community. We realized the gospel has changed us. We truly see that it is solely by the grace of Christ. We are motivated by the grace our Lord Jesus Christ [demonstrated] to save our lives, and the grace of the gospel helps us to love those who used to be our enemies. 

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Hallelujah! I’ll Never Build a Grand Church

What is the focus of the gospel? It is to save a sinner. It is to focus on his spiritual life. So when I started to think that way and I returned to my church, I realized I needed to focus on people’s spiritual lives. Focus on my coworkers’ spiritual lives. No longer was the focus solely on the ministry, but focusing on my brothers in Christ and their relationship with Christ. And based on all of our good relationships with Christ, we started to have good relationships with each other.

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Conference 2016: Interview with a Pastor from Mainland China

What will you take home with you from this conference?

Because of the fifty years [the Chinese church] was separated from other church communities and because the Chinese culture is very closed, most Chinese churches just think, “We are the Chinese church.” They don’t think about being part of the whole, world Church. This is something we need to think more about and pray more about. Coming here, we really feel the brotherhood, and the big picture, and being part of the whole, universal Church. We understand more about that. We are more aware of how we are all for the same goal and joined together for that goal. 

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