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The Rights and Freedoms of the Christian Cross, Part 3: Understanding Who We Are In Order to Give a Response

We need to first consider who we are before we consider how to respond; if we do not understand who we are, then we have no basis to response to this question. Who we are is our understanding of our identity, and confirmation of our calling; or, knowing why we exist and our purpose of existing.

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The Rights and Freedoms on the Christian Cross, Part 2: What Is the Significance of Zhejiang Province?

In a society that is rule-by-law (or rather, rule-of/by-man), this series of events happening in Zhejiang has a huge subjective aspect both individually and politically. But no matter the reasons, even for a rule-of-man society, when comparing the government’s past laissez-faire to the current recklessness, and when we see the randomness and inconsistency (even disruption) of its own policies, these are all very shocking.

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The Rights and Freedoms of the Christian Cross, Part 1: A Reflection on the Recent Demolition of Christian Crosses in China

Recently, the provincial Zhejiang government illegally demolished massive numbers of crosses both of the Three-Self Christian Churches in Zhejiang province, and also the Patriotic Roman Catholic churches. This has caused major concern and stirred passionate discussions within the Protestant church.

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