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A Hope-Filled Prayer for Early Rain Covenant Church

Lord, we thank you! May you yourself truly fulfill all these things, and may your own name be lifted high through all these things! Even if they are sentenced to prison, even if they have no way to be set free, even if their wives and children are left by themselves to be scorned, ridiculed, and profaned, but in the end, Christ’s name will be exalted and your glory will be seen by the whole world!

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Dragon Leaders and Older Sons - How the Doctrine of Grace Alone Impacts Chinese Pastors

The gospel of “grace alone” brings church leaders to think hard about true grace: Jesus Christ has accepted who we are, even while we were sinning against him. We do not need to earn our salvation; we do not need to earn our sanctification. We already have them in Christ. For church leaders, this is the source of power to imitate our Lord and serve the local church. Change in the lives of leaders brings about change in local churches. The culture of “saving face” can be replaced by the culture of grace. All fake dragons are exposed by the light of the gospel, and the Real Dragon, Jesus Christ, reigns in the ancient land of the dragon. He will set his people free!

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