1 Way to Pray for China this Week

This week, pray for environmental issues in China. As the media frequently highlights, China’s rapid industrialization has brought with it difficult and extensive environmental concerns. With issues ranging from air pollution to species loss, many are trying to stem the tide of damage, but efforts often seem small and ineffective. The government grows increasingly concerned as citizens grow increasingly frustrated by the situation. As with the process of industrialization in the West, the balance in China between progress, human life, and environmental sustainability is immensely complex. China needs men and women with integrity who are firmly rooted in a Biblical view of stewardship to have influence in these issues.

How to pray:

- Pray for Christians to understand the Bible’s teaching on humanity as image-bearing stewards of the world. Pray for God to raise up men and women who care about environmental issues and who can approach these issues from a Christian worldview.

- Pray for government officials, business leaders, and NGOs to work together for the protection of China’s environment and be to motivated by wisdom.

- Pray for the population to be protected from the effects of pollution, especially the poor and vulnerable. Pray current environmental damage to be reversed.

- Pray the continued development and progress of China and for it to be known for justice and wisdom in its efforts.

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