1 Way to Pray for China this Week

Often when those of us in the West think about the press in China, we only consider the restricted and controlled practices the state mandates. We can tend to view Chinese journalism as either directly opposed to or run by the government. This week, however, take time to praise God for a group of journalists who have demonstrated creativity and perseverance in highlighting China’s environmental problems, provoking the government to action in good and fruitful ways.

The China Environmental Press Awards recently honored about a dozen reporters. These awards “exist to promote fair and objective reporting and to raise the standard of environmental journalism,” and glancing through this year’s recipients, it is easy to see just challenging that goal is. In many cases, rather than antagonizing the government in ways that could end the conversation, these journalists demonstrated a tenacity that helped the government to do good and seek justice.

Make sure you read the amazing bios of the reporters in the article posted below!

How to pray:

- Praise God for these reporters and ask that he would continue to bless their work.

- Praise God for the way the government has responded to the work of these journalists – acting to right wrongs, rather than growing defensive and ignoring situations.

- Pray for government officials, business leaders, and NGOs to work together for the protection of China’s environment and be to motivated by wisdom.

- Pray for the population to be protected from the effects of pollution, especially the poor and vulnerable. Pray current environmental damage to be reversed.

- Pray the continued development and progress of China and for it to be known for justice and wisdom in its efforts.

- Pray for Christians to understand the Bible’s teaching on humanity as image-bearing stewards of the world. Pray for God to raise up men and women who care about environmental issues and who can approach these issues from a Christian worldview.


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