1 Way to Pray for China this Week

In a few days, China Partnership will hold its annual conference in San Diego. Hosted by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, the theme this year is “The Gospel in China: Past, Present, and Future.” The conference will celebrate the last fifteen years of CP’s work and look ahead to following God into the next fifteen. This will be a opportunity to hear Chinese pastors and leaders share their personal experiences of the gospel changing lives, renewing churches, and bringing peace into Chinese cities.

Please join us in praying over the conference!

How to pray:

-       Pray for logistics and details to operate smoothly and efficiently.

-       Pray for safety for those traveling across the United States or coming from Asia, and pray there will be no delays or travel disruptions for the speakers.

-       Pray for true spiritual fellowship among all in attendance, and for a time of joy and encouragement.

-       Pray for hearts to be inspired by God’s work in China and for renewed commitment to the vision and work.

-       Pray for CP to faithful to work under the Lord’s sovereignty and according to his guidance.

-       Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout all of the conference proceedings.


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