Stand With China In Prayer


Atlanta, Georgia


The church in China is asking its American brothers and sisters to stand with it in prayer - want to learn how? Join China Partnership on Thursday, September 20th (North Avenue Presbyterian Church), or Friday, September 21st (Church of the Redeemer), for an event leading attendees through five intentional movements of prayer for the Chinese church.
中国的教会恳请美国的弟兄姊妹在祷告中与他们同在 – 欲知详情,请于9月20日周四或者9月21日周五参加中国伙伴组织的活动,通过五个步骤来有意识地为中国的教会祷告。

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*September 20th is a bilingual event (Chinese and English)*


*September 21st is English only*


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