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The Gospel Coalition:

Young Restless and Reformed in China

“In many ways, Reformed theology in China looks like a newborn colt attempting that first walk—eager, stumbling, up and down and up again. And hopefully, growing stronger and more stable with time.”

Persecuted Chinese Pastor

“A persecuted Reformed pastor in China issued a letter explaining the meaning and necessity of faithful disobedience, how it is distinct from political activism or civil disobedience, and how Christians should carry it out.”

Reformation 500

“Wenhong remembers house-church meetings in living rooms, with the curtains pulled tight…so when Wenhong walked into the auditorium of the Reformation 500 conference in Hong Kong this spring, and saw more than 3,500 attendees (most from mainland China) gathering and worshiping in the open, she could not stop her tears.”


Wang Yi and the 95 Theses of the Chinese Reformed Church

“In August 2015, a group of pastors and elders from an urban house church in Chengdu, Sichuan, posted 95 theses online. This bold move, challenging the state and the Chinese churches has created controversy in China and abroad. The theses address a series of issues on sovereignty and authority with regard to God, the church and the government.”

Christianity Today:

Women in China's Churches

“That is where we’ve heard the most from the women: We want more of this. Whatever you’ve got for us, we want it, we’re ready for it, we need it.”

China Closes Megachurches

“Raids on major congregations led by pastors Wang Yi and the late Samuel Lamb represent ‘the most horrendous evil of Chinese society ... hindering [non-Christians] from coming to Jesus.’”


Conversations from Reformation 500

“On the one hand, the first generation of believers’ mentality was rather utilitarian: this faith is able to solve my immediate personal problems, therefore I will join this religion or faith. But going forward, you realize that this faith isn’t just to solve people’s individual and immediate problems; rather, it speaks of God’s kingdom.”