China Partnership works to break down barriers to the movement of the gospel of grace in urban China.

Through pastoral training, theological education, and resource development, the CP has come alongside the Chinese church to serve according to its felt needs. Rather than duplicate efforts or compete with the church, our goal has been to listen the Chinese church’s leadership and serve accordingly. By fostering Chinese leadership, the CP has assisted the church in its development of vital church planting movements across China’s urban landscape. In recent years these efforts culminated in the founding of a completely Chinese owned and led network that spans the nation. In 2014, this movement celebrated its hard work at a conference in Hong Kong that brought together pastors across the country.

“We were in Hong Kong for a couple of days with about 1,500 Chinese pastors from around mainland China. They gathered together for a conference and it was a time for them to really celebrate what God had been doing the last two years. They work really hard at training, being coached on what it means to plant a church in a city, what it means to be renewed by the grace of the gospel. And so it was a fantastic opportunity and something very rare for these pastors to have in China, for church leaders to actually gather together in a safe setting to worship, to pray, and to have amazing times of just soaking in God’s word and hearing about the gospel, grace, unity.
The talks were really centered on understanding that the gospel really is about Jesus Christ and his death and his resurrection, and how it changes everything. You can have methods and you can have plans and do everything possible to have a great and effective church, but ultimately it comes down to God’s blessing. It comes down to what Jesus has done and that Jesus is enough.
We never would have imagined that what God started a few years ago could become what we have today. It really is a movement of God’s Spirit. It’s not about church planting, it’s not about the city, it’s not about transforming culture, but it is about returning to the historic gospel that Christ is enough for every single person. And when Christ is enough, everything else flows naturally and church planting happens. The city is then renewed by people who genuinely love and care about what happens. That is our hope, that is our dream, and it’s happening.
To see that we’re in so many cities in China and are continuing to grow naturally with Chinese leadership is just really humbling. Our hope and our dream is that God will continue to do this great work in China and that he would be glorified. If it’s through us coming alongside our brothers and sisters in China, that is awesome. But if he chooses to go a different route, we have been honored and privileged to come alongside our brothers and sisters and see them take so much ownership that if we were to stop today it would continue in so many amazing ways.”
Jeff Kyle, China Partnership