We are called to grow together across cultural divides in order to witness the growth of the gospel among Chinese around the globe.

As the world changes and becomes more connected, so must our strategies. The growth of the global church and the changing demographics of the United States have brought us to the point at which missions is no longer simply about sending workers “over there.” Global partnerships that function within local contexts must take precedent. “Global-local” strategies empower churches to partner effectively with the Chinese church is the ways most needed while simultaneously understanding and engaging the Chinese at their own doorsteps. The CP desires to equip churches partner with and love Chinese in whatever context they are called to serve in.

“We got involved with China Partnership about three years ago. [The CP] was talking a lot about global-local missions strategy and how as our world is changing, so do our missions ministry strategies need to adapt. One of the big emphases was focusing on and loving on and on getting to know international people that live in our city, so the missions committee and I set out to learn more about our city and learn more about our international population.
Hands down, the highest number of internationals in our city were from Mexico and from China. We knew right away that entering into a relationship with China Partnership made sense for us because we had so many people from China that live in our city. Our church also has a pretty large contingency at UCSD, the college campus close to us. As we learned more about the international students there, again, the highest number of international students at UCSD come from China by far. We wanted to love our city well, we wanted to love our campus well, so we knew that in order to that we needed to learn more about Chinese people and how we can love them better.
So we entered into a formal partnership with China Partnership. We started getting emails about China; we started learning more about China; we learned about how we can pray for China. We formed a team, maybe just five or six of us the first year and now we have quite a few more folks. It has been so fun to watch this group of people build relationships with and share God’s love through their actions, and through their words, with Chinese friends they meet.”
-       Hunter Benson, Redeemer Church