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Why Is Gospel Renewal Important for the Average Chinese Person?

These stories help highlight why CP exists and why we pray the Reformation 500 convention has an impact. We desire to equip pastors and church leaders in order for the Chinese church to be renewed in the historic gospel of grace, because through such gospel renewal, churches become better able to engage and love their neighbors, opening their doors to those seeking answers in Christ.

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Why You Should Come to "The Church in a Global-Local World"

Whether you are new to the China Partnership or have been partners for a while, we invite you to attend our annual conference. The title for our conference this year is “The Church in a Global-Local World,” and we have structured it differently than past years. This year, our totally new conference structure will include: 1) A one-day conference, rather than two days 2) A conference setting as opposed to a “meeting” 3) Talks, panels, and discussion times rather than ministry reports 4) Speakers addressing both global and local topics in missions

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