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Wang Yi's 14 Decisions: In the Face of Persecution, What Will I Do?

I prayed before Christ and after careful consideration, I have determined to resist by peaceful means when the government oversteps the boundary of the secular power God has given – attacking and usurping the spiritual affairs that belong to God and his church. Below are the details of my plan.

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How the Church Should Face Persecution – A Handwritten Letter from Early Rain’s Last Elder

Li Yingqiang (李英强), the last elder of Early Rain Covenant Church to be arrested, wrote this letter to the church just a few hours before being found in his hideout and arrested. In it, he describes the church's plan for facing this persecution in the following days, including where to worship next Sunday.

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The Church-State Conflict: 20 Ways Persecution Is God’s Way to Shepherd Us

Over the weekend, news broke of Pastor Wang Yi’s arrest. This article was originally published on Wang Yi’s personal blog in November 2017 and is a fitting read for the events of the weekend. “What spiritual benefit does the current church-state conflict bring to the church and to Christians? How is this conflict God’s way to shepherd us?”

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