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Memories of a Chinese Church Planting Retreat and Resulting Practices

After hearing the testimony of church planting, I am no longer worried. I had wanted to build Rome in one day; but now I rely on Christ, facing each day’s hardship one day at a time; to live a day [at a time] and be faithful each day. Daily seeking God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness.

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Interview with a Pastor in Shenzhen – The Gospel of Old

They live like robots with an especially strong life rhythm; they are very busy. Every day they are busy at work; they work overtime and are under a lot of pressure. Usually their family life is a mess, as they either have no time to care about it or are not concerned about it at all. This is why Shenzhen has serious public safety issues with a high crime rate.

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Light Up the Fire in Your Heart – How to Support the House Church in a Time of Persecution

Despite raids by police, house churches continue to meet and preach and pray on every Sunday. Their devotion to these spiritual disciplines is preparing their bodies and souls for whatever is to come. If we were placed in their situation, would our spiritual disciplines give us the resilience to endure this kind of suffering? 

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